Dear truffle lovers,
Welcome to our Blog! As you already know Truffles in London provides finest 100% Italian truffles on the market. We found that there are no tips on what you should be looking at when you buy your fresh truffles online. Therefore, we would like to say a few words to all new buyers out there and we are ready to answer all the queries you will have about the diamond of the kitchen: the truffle!

There is one very important thing to remember when looking for truffles: Winter is the best time for truffles. So, a truffle will be most flavourful during the winter season, which normally starts from October to March and peaks December to January.
Here are the tips:

1. Check the origin of your truffles. No company, that values its customers, would try to sell you Chinese truffles for European, as the Chinese truffles are nothing like the Italian, French or Spanish Truffles.
2. Check the Grade you buy. Yes, truffles are graded too and the price may be highly variable depending on Grade/quality.
2.1. Grade Extra is the highest class of truffles and includes truffles with perfect round    shape, no wholes, no softness and no damage (excludes minor cut for interior check). These are often included in Grade A batches, as Grade Extra is hard to find and in batch of 10kg you may find even less than 500 grams and most truffle sellers prefer to give these away and sell them instantly, rather than sort and sell for higher price.
2.2. Grade A is Class 1 for truffles and it includes whole truffles with no damage (minor scratch is possible), imperfect/irregular shape (may have some wholes but still free from insects), well ripe truffles with allusive aroma.
2.3. Grade B is Class 2 and it includes the rest, very soft, pieces, unripe etc.(as most cheap truffles)
3. The Best truffles would come from Italy, France, Spain. By the best we mean long after taste and allusive aroma (dependable on species).
4. Make sure you have clear idea of what species you’re after to avoid disappointment:
4.1. Should you look for light and gentle aroma with some summer hints and after taste of hazelnuts and vanilla you can go for the Black Summer truffle – Tuber Aestivum Vitt (end of May till end of September).
4.2. If light is not enough you can go for the a bit more intense Black Autumn Truffle – Tuber Uncinatum Chatin (October – November, February – March). With aroma similar to the Black Summer truffle and medium after taste, but one or two ideas (depending on your understanding of idea) better.
4.3. Should you look for more intense and dominating aroma (which sometimes can blow your socks off) with some musky hints and after taste of “I have no idea what has just happened but it was amazingly thrilling” you can go for the Black Winter truffle – Tuber Melanosporum Vitt (November – March).
4.4. And should you prefer heavy and garlic aroma you can go for the White Winter Truffle – Tuber Magnatum Pico, the most precious and expensive truffle in the world (October – end of January)
5. Check times of dispatch and delivery. The higher price is sign that there aren’t that many truffles in general and pre-booking may be a safe way to have yours on time for that special moment and avoid disappointment.
6. Ask as many questions as you think are enough and remember that sometimes the most important question is the extra one that you decide
This guide is not exclusive and covers some of the most important, but not all, things to think for when you`re about to purchase your truffles. Now, we would like to hear from you your thought about truffles… Ask as many questions as you think are enough, all of you are invited to the debate!!