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Luxury catering Events

Luxury Catering Events

Since September 2015 we are also running specialising events, where both Truffles and Saffron are playing the main role.
Private Diner and Parties, Canapés Receptions and Corporate Meetings are our expertise. We will make sure that the event will be just how our customer imagined.
Our team of professional Event Planners will provide ad hoc guidance and develop an accurate and valuable proposal based on customer needs and expectations. Once all the requirements have been set, these information will be handled to our Michelin Chefs and Sommeliers which will create a bespoke menu and quote for the event. Through their upstanding experience, our Operation Team will make sure that your event with Mr Truffle Limited will be an unforgettable luxury experience.

Delivery Details

We do not make any profit from our packaging or delivery costs. Our priority is to achieve your satisfaction by processing and delivering your product within 48h, anytime at its best, by keeping its freshness, perfection, and precious aroma.