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Truffle tours

While Abruzzo is often associated with exceptional wines and ancient traditions, it is especially renowned for its truffles. It may come as a surprise to some that the majority of the world’s precious white truffles are supplied by small towns in the Apennines. Recognised as one of the most beautiful hamlets in Italy, you will be staying in the wonderful Civitella del Tronto, which appears warrior-like standing guard between the mountains and the sea. Perched high on a granite outcrop on the Abruzzo to Marche road, the village displays a dazzling seasonal variety, from the beautiful mountain-side forests in all their Summer glory to the winter snows dusting the red-tiled roofs. Beautiful, limpid panoramic views frame this city-fortress encircled and characterized by what remains of its thirteenth century stone walls.

Situated near the border of the Papal States, the village was the northern bulwark of the Kingdom of Naples. Built by the Spanish in the second half of the sixteenth century, the fortress was set on top of the village like an acropolis. It is a very important historic work of military engineering because, at 500 metres long and covering some 25 thousand square metres, it is one of the largest fortifications in the whole of Europe. The Sentry of the Kingdom of Naples kept a close guard over the village below, a place where, today, you can get lost in a maze of narrow, tranquil streets called rue like the French word for street, and it is reputed that this village contains the narrowest street in Italy, the aptly named Ruetta.

In the village of Civitella Del Tronto you will receive luxury accommodation with fine dining offered by the outstanding 4 star Hotel Zunica 1880. Located in an elegant XVII century building, the Zunica family have been offering an unforgettable experience to their guests for generations. The restaurant exudes class and style and is proud of it’s many outstanding reviews and awards. Many connoisseurs of fine dining believe that it should receive the Michelin Star and it has gained an excellent reputation internationally among the most influential gourmet and gastronomic guides. By using only local organic products, Zunica will surely seduce you with its traditional recipes fantastically revisited by young, talented chefs.

You will take part in a once-in-a-lifetime experience searching for truffles with a truffle-hunting dog through the woods of Abruzzo. Follow the dog hurriedly through the forest as he sniffs about and experience the surge of excitement as he starts digging for this edible treasure. You'll enjoy an entire morning walking through woods, picking truffles accompanied by a special guide, an expert, but mostly a friend who will teach you how to find truffles with his wonderful and inseparable dog. During the hunt you will be treated to a special picnic lunch deep in the green and peaceful wood. And, once found, you will return to a delightful dinner that incorporates your discovery.

However this is not the only thing to happen, you will also learn how to cook truffles from a well known Italian chef. Guided by Zunica's chef Sabatino Lattanzi, you’ll learn how to clean and prepare fresh truffles ready to be added to typical Italian dishes. Through this cooking lesson we aim to help you understand truffles by answering questions such as: "How to buy without being cheated?" and "Where can I get them and be sure that no artificial products are used in their preparation?" A simple and enjoyable course of a few hours will give you the necessary tools to answer these and other questions and dispel any doubts: an expert will reveal to you the secrets of the sight, smell and taste of the authentic and pure truffle. Finally, our chef will take you step by step through the kitchen to suggest various combinations you can use to present truffles at their best.

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